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alfred edmond, jr.Alfred Edmond, Jr. is the social media mentor. Anyone who is in business and connected to him via MySpace, Facebook and on other social media networking sites knows Mr. Edmond not only graciously shares his knowledge and an encouraging word, but he knows how to optimize technology to build a brand. Of course, he has earned the branding brag rites for being the approachable and nice editor-in-chief, but he has also turned attention to and Black Enterprise Magazine to a cross-generational group of Internet users.    black-enterprise-beta2

Days before Barack Obama was elected president of the United States, launched a 2.0 beta site. The new is easier to navigate than its previous incarnation and far more engaging. The whole point of a Web site is not only to attract people there but to keep them there as well. And is winning at keeping people on their site.    

The new has clean pages and eye-soothing fonts and colors. The site’s minimalist aesthestic is current with Web design trends that evangelize building sites that are psychologically easier for a user to stay for extended periods; foregoing music that has to be turned on and off, and blaring video that jars the senses. has embedded video and other content that gives the user the ability to read without overlapping sounds and color confusion – sensory overload.

black-enterprise-beta3Another element in keeping with social media philosophy is the user’s access to the editors and contributors of Public relations professionals should thoroughly enjoy the contact, which is refreshing given that we are often frustrated on sites, trying to find the right person to send pitches or feedback. And has done a great job in categorizing their content, another access-friendly move on their part. 

The greatest lesson to glean in changing its site is the recognition of what people/users think and how they process information in this Information/Technology age. It’s not enough to have the site with the most bells and whistles, it is more important to have content that actually speaks to people and engages them in an exchange – a useful exchange that benefits both parties. It’s about building a relationship based on mutual need and not on a one-sided perspective. We can learn this lesson for our clients by’s example and by the example of our president-elect.  Relationships are everything in PR, right?


~Robin Caldwell 

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4 Responses

  1. Pam Purifoy says:

    Robin, you are absolutely right about Alfred. When you speak to him, he is always polite, and cordial. We all know of how some editors can blow off PR folks–but not Alfred. I need to connect with him on Facebook. I have on MySpace, but not on Facebook. 🙂

    The lay-out of is very clean and easy to navigate. Great job by the BE staff!

  2. thejstandard says:

    It is a great site. Can’t wait to see what he does next over there. Thank you, Pam!

  3. Alfred says:


    Thank you so much for your encouraging assessment of where we are taking We have a long way to go, but we share your view that we are headed in the right direction.

    However, I do want to echo Pam: kudos not just to me, but to a great staff, including Interactive Media Director Alvaro Muir, Interactive Editorial Director Deborah Skinner, Online Reporter Marcia Wade, Copy Editor Janell Hazelwood, Editorial Assistant Renita Burns, Ancillary Editorial Sonja Brown and contributors from our magazine, design and television teams.

    We are all enjoying a boost of confidence and are reenergized in our mission to make the forum and source for business and wealth-building success on the Web. Please continue to share your feedback (both positive and otherwise).


  4. thejstandard says:

    Thank you, Alfred. In the space of that comment you’ve proven your generosity and kindness. Major kudos to your staff for moving us forward into change!

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