The BLACK paPR Report


PR from an African American Perspective


The Black paPR Report is growing. It’s changing, in fact. Until this blog, I’d never blogged with any degree of consistency, because I didn’t see the need or reason. I see a need and reason now more than ever.

On November 4, the image of African Americans changed dramatically and significantly on a global scale. After 219 years of U. S. presidencies, we elected our first African American president, Barack Obama. Mr. Obama raised the bar. To be exact, Mr. Obama’s image raised the bar.

Well, I’ve raised mine too, personally and professionally. And as a result of being so inspired and motivated by the events of the past two years of campaigning and of course, the event of November 4, The Black paPR Report has to change too.

The changes will include guest bloggers and reprints by professionals who are leaders in their fields and who work in industries shaping public relations and publicity practices for all professionals. We have post more news important to our profession. And we will test the rules of social media by including wise, sound counsel for the professional, resources and support mechanism that freely disperses information.

So, in the immortal words of David Bowie, “ch-ch-ch-changes, time may change me, but I can’t trace time.”

Best, Robin

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