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2008 Campaign Staff DiversityDo you think there will be a public relations text book about Barack Obama’s campaign for the presidency? Oh yeah, it’s probably being written or edited as I type. I tried searching and that was a funny ordeal as I noted that many authors have tagged the poor man to increase hits to their pages. Guess I can’t blame them.  I do know this: David Plouffe has earned a place in history for his strategies and the brilliance in which he structured a campaign utilizing social media and the press, to not only attract people to the change message/messenger but for also engaging people in a way unprecedented. David Plouffe created the standard, and we all know how I feel about ‘the standard.’ Read Brian Solis’s PR 2.0 blog post about Obama and change. And visit:

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Photographer Deirdre Wilson-Redmond and I were chatting back and forth on about this footage of Barack Obama during his first visit to the White House as president-elect. We decided that he has swagger. How do you read this footage? Do you feel the same?

I see a man who is confident and more concerned about how he feels about himself. He appears less concerned about cameras and media attention. And that’s a great thing.

Maybe it’s time we encourage our celebrity client’s to be less posed and more relaxed. Maybe it’s time we tell them to stop being happy to be invited and to act like they belong at the party. (That’s a blog post in and of itself.)

While I’m on the subject of Barack Obama… What do you think of these images?


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ebonyjet1I love the new It’s amazing to watch transform before our very eyes. Does anyone remember when Ebony was about 13 by 10 inches in size? Does anyone recall when they converted to their new size? A lot of their loyal readers protested. They thought they were receiving less. is new too. They’ve joined the ranks of Web sites with networking communities. The genius of their community is that it can be integrated with other social “ning” sites, giving users the ability to invite their friends to join and that optimizes and publicizes’s position on the Internet.   essence1


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Okay, need a Twitter tutorial? Hit me up and I’ll explain how it works. Twitter is a must-do for PR/publicity professionals. It comes with a variety of Twitter “clients” or tools to navigate the micro-blogging site and integrate it with other Internet sites. Plus, it’s fun. In the coming posts, I’ll blog more about Twitter as well as the importance of guarding your online persona.

Best, Robin

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2 Responses

  1. Pam Purifoy says:

    Yes, our President-elect definitely has swagger! Great minds do think alike, as I was expressing this same thing with a friend–over that very same footage. David Plouffe should be on every university’s list to contract as a visiting professor or distinguished professor. That is of course, if he desires to teach. I know if he should visit my region of the country to give a lecture, I’ll be there in the front row!

    Yes I do remember Ebony when it was larger. One of my dear friends has an old collection, that she cannot part with. “Living history”, is what she calls her collection–and she’s right. I believe that President-elect Obama will be granting Ebony the first print interview. If this is correct, I’m proud of him for remembering those who supported him first.

  2. thejstandard says:

    I think I read that he’s already done the Ebony interview but this is what will be collectible: His first interviews and images as President. I’m not sure if Ebony was the first magazine to endorse him. I know Black Enterprise did and Vibe endorsed their first presidential candidate with Barack.

    Style, substance and swagger. That was the theme of last year’s BET Hip Hop Awards. In my mind, it’s all Barack and Michelle. It’s all “us.” LOL

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