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Set Your House in Order

Yesterday I posted a status update on that read ‘Robin thinks cleaning and organizing her apartment is a form of pampering. Sick, huh?!’ I do think cleaning and putting things away where they belong is a form of pampering and self-care. One of my colleagues posted on my wall that I could receive more pampering by cleaning her home in Atlanta. A friend was curious; she wondered (on my FB wall) how I thought that, while another friend totally agreed. The exchange offered me an opportunity to articulate something I believe not only my PR/publicity colleagues should know, but something everyone should know.

Years ago, as an undergraduate, I couldn’t sleep and called my uncle in the middle of the night. I was whiny and frustrated. Being incredibly patient with me, my uncle told me to clean out the hidden spaces of my dorm room and then take out the trash before trying to sleep again. His advice worked and I maintain that practice to this day.

If you come into my home, you will find organized drawers, closets and cabinets. No, I’m not anal, but those hidden spaces are in order. is a great online organizing tool and it is free. You can manage tasks and people with this tool.  


Here’s the lesson. When my personal life is uncluttered and organized it makes it incredibly easy to navigate through my professional life. I think clearer and don’t succumb to the temptation of cleaning and organizing things when I should be focused on work, especially since I work from home. I can operate more efficiently when I take the time to do something that brings me peace and above all, order.

Independent practitioners and publicists should schedule in time to put things in order and to take care of themselves. (I’m preaching to me too.) We should:

  • Schedule doctor and dentist appointments
  • Exercise and watch our diets
  • Make time for family and friends
  • Have quiet time alone to hear your own thoughts as well as meditate on spiritual matters

 Last night I went to bed accomplished and slept well. This morning I woke up with a clear head. I don’t know about you, but I can’t live any other way. And I certainly cannot work any other way.

Best, Robin




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